Meet Our Director

Hakon Khajavei


What should people know about you?

My heart was literally so big I had to have surgery at OHSU when I was younger to cut it down to size. (When I was born I had Cardiac Tachycardia and doctors had to microwave off a part of my heart to slow it down). What’s left of my heart is focused on a love for meaningful, fulfilling work for companies that do amazing things. I serve on three committees across two non-profits, Friends of the Children and KairsoPDX, and am on the Board of Directors for a recently started non-profit, Change Takes Courage. Check them all out and support us if you can.

What are your skills?

I tell people I am mostly just here for moral support. My primary contribution to the Blackline Collective team is as project manager and strategist. I help companies figure out what to do and bring the right people together for a project. I guide our partners through decisions and give them an honest, unbiased view of the issues they face and put problems into perspective to find the best solutions. At times I take on more tangible roles for the team. I have passed the Google Adwords certification and have built a few websites, I write copy with our editors and help direct with our videographers. Strategy is my strong suit so I tend to let the specialists specialize and focus on the bigger picture for our projects and for our clients.

What are your qualifications?

I have actually kept personal testimonials going back to high school so I will let others answer this question. For example, at one of my first jobs as a “Back” Chef at a Shojis in 2006, my boss said this: “Hakon is willing to learn all aspects of how [a] company functions… [he] would be a fine addition to any company that hired him and I assure you would not be disappointed.” So, there’s that.

More formally, I have an Honors Degree in Business Administration with a minor in economics from the University of Oregon and I am currently in the process of getting my MBA from Willamette University here in Portland with a scholarship for my non-profit work. I served as the Director of Marketing and Communication for a multimillion dollar biotech firm directly after university and worked in Portland, Oregon as a contractor for about 4 years prior to founding Blackline Collective in 2016. I have a background in digital advertising, web development, public relations, market research, analytics and even blogging. I am a proud generalist and most of my role is understanding how all of the little pieces fit together in the mosaic that is business and marketing.